Coinbase Pro Lists Ripple’s XRP

Coinbase, the US-based Cryptocurrency exchange, is planning to add the digital coin XRP in their Coinbase pro trading platform. The company confirmed the news through a blog post on Feb. 25.

Upon hearing the news the coin jumped almost 11% from the previous day price but has since come down, owing to the sell pressure which had brought almost all the Cryptocurrencies in the red after the promising rally last week.

All the major cryptocurrencies showed a bull tendency during last week when almost all major currencies where trading consistently in green for over 3 days. But the bears had the last say and the whole market crashed in a matter of hours and the market has remained stagnant ever since.

Experts are on the opinion that the inability of the bulls to break the resistance at $4200 for Bitcoin is what had made the bears take control again. Moreover, the unanimous opinion that once the resistances at $4200 and $4500 are broken and the psychological figure of $5000 is breached, then we might be in for the bull run that everybody has been waiting for.

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