BTC Crosses $100 Billion Marketcap

The No.1 Cryptocurrency in the world is gaining value suggesting a reversal in the bear market. Bitcoin is currently trading at around $5700 according to the market tracking website Coinmarketcap. Bitcoin is up more than 4% from yesterday’s value at the time of writing. Moreover, the foremost Cryptocurrency has regained the 100 Billion Dollar market cap for the first time after its bloodbath in November 2018. Analysts and traders firmly believe that this can finally prove a trend reversal for the whole crypto market after a year-long Crypto winter. However, in order to be sure that we are in a bull market, BTC will have to break the resistance at $6300 at which the collapse occurred back in November. Even though BTC has gained a significant increase, it would be interesting to know how it handles the scalability bottleneck.

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